Registration Information

How to register: Please fill out the form on our Registration Page after reading the following information.


You will get an email back to confirm your attendance (if you don’t get a response after one day, please call 201-291-5976).

Please bring:

-Proof of  ID (driver’s license, passport or school ID)
-a blue pen
-a standard business envelope with a postage stamp
-$75 dollars unless otherwise stated

In NJ all one-day classes begin at 8:30 AM and end at 5:00 PM.

The course fee in NJ is $75.00 unless otherwise stated. This fee covers your books, materials, test, your NJ certification and our certificate showing you took a NASBLA class.

The minimum age in NJ for course enrollment is age 13.


Class Info call 201-291-5976  or Email