Course Outline

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The Boat NJ course is an 8-hour course that provides a comprehensive overview of required boat and PWC operation.

Course components include:

  • A description of boat characteristics, basic hull designs, nomenclature, power systems and classification by the US Coast Guard.
  • Legal requirements for the registration and titling of boats, the equipment to be carried on board and the training and certification of boat operators.
  • Basic safety regulations, Rules of the Road and understanding the State and Federal aids to navigation systems in the waterways.
  • Operating characteristics of boats and an introduction to basic seamanship.
  • Accident prevention and steps to take to insure personal safety on the water; facts about boating under the influence and the effects of hypothermia on boaters; and water rescue techniques for boaters.
  • Weather observation, chart familiarization, use of the marine compass, use of the marine VHF radio, and boating through locks and around dams.
  • Special operational characteristics of personal watercraft; riding and handling techniques and personal protective equipment.
  • Environmental management and conservation responsibilities of boat operators, including fueling and cleanup; restrictions on marine heads, the dumping of trash and waste; and reporting responsibilities and procedures.
  • Dangers of Carbon Monoxide. Keeping our Waterways Safe and US  Warnings.